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Chief Engineer – First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’

 Phone: (99878) 141-90-55

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception days and hours: every Tuesday at 16:00 


Born in 1967 in Tashkent Region.

Higher-educated. In 1992, graduated the Tashkent state university, specialty by education - inorganic matters techniques. At present, studies in the Moscow state steel and alloy institute (magistracy). In 2014, he graduated from the Moscow based steels and alloys Institute with education specialty as Metallurgy.

Labor activity

1984-1984 y - electrician apprentice – Instrumentation, at the Almalyk carpet factory

1984-1985 y - Category 3 electrician – Instrumentation, at the Almalyk chemical plant

1986-1988 y - service in the Army

1988-1993 y - Categories 4 and 5 electrician – Instrumentation, and production foreman in the Sulfuric acid shop under the Almalyk chemical plant

1993-1998 y - deputy chief and technologist on sulfuric acid production under the production association of ‘Ammofos’

1998-2003 y - main specialist – industry and consumer services, at the Almalyl city hokimiat

2003-2007 y - chief of the Almalyk telecommunication section of the ‘Toshkent-Telecom’ branch under the ‘Uzbektelecom’ stock company

2007-2008 y - leading engineer of the Technical department at JSC ‘Almalyk MMC’

2008-2011 y - Chief Engineer of the Copper concentration plant under  JSC “Almalyk MMC’

2011-2013 y - deputy Chief Engineer – Production, at JSC “Almalyk MMC’

2013-2017 y. -  Chief Engineer - first Deputy General Director of JSC "Almalyk MMC"

2017-up to date  Chief Engineer - first Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC"


  • coordinates and organizes interaction of subordinate structural divisions with other divisions of the Combine in accordance with the functional responsibilities;
  • coordinates and monitors implementation of the functional duties of a deputy chief engineer, mining department, surveying department, geological department, technical department, production coordination department, localization department, chief energy service, chief mechanic service, labor protection and industrial safety department, environmental protection department, Department of Science and Innovation, Department of Transport and Logistics and Standardization and Certification Services, as well as other departments, departments/services, subordinated to the first deputy chairman - Chief Engineer according to the approved organizational structure of the Combine;
  • coordinates designing of development programs at the Combine;
  • ensures the performance of production indicators at the Сompany;
  • signs invoices, acts of work (services) performed, acts of reception and/or transfer of goods (works, services), powers of attorney for acceptance of inventory, projects, estimates, costing, specifications, drawn up within the framework of contracts concluded by the Combine in ensuring the activities and performance of functional tasks, structural units supervised by the first deputy chairman of the board, chief engineer;
  • manages production and technical activities of the Combine and signs outgoing correspondence (with the exception of contracts, agreements and any other obligations) in the following areas:
  • development and implementation of new techniques, technology, mechanization and automation of production processes with research, design and engineering organizations;
  • performance of contract work on repair and modernization of main and auxiliary technological equipment of the production units;
  • supply and use of electricity, natural gas, water and other material and technical resources;
  • metrology, certification, diagnostics, inspection and maintenance, telecommunications, environmental impact assessment, development of projects for environmental, technical and other standards and technical conditions;
  • other actions related to the functions of the structural units subordinated to the first deputy chairman of the Board, chief engineer.      


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