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Chairman of the Board - Economics and Finanse

Phone: (998 78) 141-90-55

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception days and hours: every Friday at 14:00 


Born on February 20, 1973 in Tashkent City

Education – Higher. In 1994 she graduated from the Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute named after Nizami, Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. In 2000 she graduated from the Banking Department of the Tashkent Financial Institute. In 2004 she studied at the Academy of Banking Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan at the courses "Project Financing".

Labor activity:

1994-2002 - Senior Specialist of the Department of Social Development and Crediting, First Class Specialist, Accountant of the 2nd category, Accountant, Akmal Ikramov Branch of "INDUSTRIAL AND CONSTRUCTION BANK” JSC Senior Specialist, Head of the Department of Credit and Finance of Economics, Head of the Department for Economic Analysis, Crediting and Financing National economy

2002-2017 - Head of Investment Projects Department of the Department for Foreign Economic Activity of the Project Finance Department, Deputy Head and Head of the Project and Trade Finance Department, Director of the Department for Foreign Economic Affairs, Bank Director of the Department for Coordination and Monitoring of Investment Activities, Director of the Credit Operations Department, Director of the Department for Coordination and Monitoring of Investment Activities,

2017-2018. - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Financial Affairs of “Uzmetkombinat” JSC

2018 - Present - Deputy Chairman of the Board of Almalik Mining and Metallurgical Complex, Economics and Finance.


  • manages the Combine’s work in use of financial resources and assets of the Combine in accordance with the functional responsibilities;
  • coordinates and monitors fulfillment of the functional duties of the heads of the following structural divisions: central (main) accounting, control services for contractual obligations, treasury and finance, production and costs monitoring, export department, internal sales department, incentive and wages department;
  • monitors compliance with standard, financial discipline, cost estimates of the Combine; controls performance of forecast indicators for exporting of products;
  • determines financial policy of the Combine, develops and implements measures to ensure its financial sustainability;
  • monitors the status, movement and targeted use of funds, results of financial and economic activities, fulfillment of tax obligations;
  • if necessary, interacts with credit organizations on issues of obtaining loans, credits, etc.;
  • supervises preparation of prospective and current financial plans and cash budgets, provides control over their implementation;
  • signs invoices, acts of work (services) performed, acts of receiving and/or transferring goods (works, services), projects, estimates, costing, applications, specifications, drawn up under contracts concluded by the Combine in support of the activities and performance of functional tasks, supervised by the Deputy Chairman of the Board for Economics and Finance.
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