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Investment projects

In 2019 the implementation of 5 major investment projects is provided with the total cost of 2,3 billion USD with the implementation of capital investment for the amount of 183,6 million USD, including:

at own cost and expense – 90,0 million USD;

funds of Reconstruction and Development Fund of Uzbekistan – 88,7 million USD;

Commercial banks’ loans – 4,9 million USD.

(million USD)

Summary address program of major investment projects being implemented in 2019 in JSC "Almalyk MMC"


Name of initiators and projects Project capacity Basis for implementation Terms of implementation Total project cost** Implementation prognosis for 2019
1 Development of the field "Yoshlik I" Tashkent area (Almalyk) mining 23,0 of ore PP-2807 dated  01.03.2017 2017-2027 1696,2 81,7
2 The program of reconstruction and stabilization activities of AMMC stabilization activities PP-3954 dated 30.09.2018 2018-2022 305,7 69,1
3 Expansion of production capacity for the treatment of raw materials (Kalmakyr, Sary-Cheku, UPJT, UAT, MOF)(Almalyk) additionally
3,1 of ore
PP dated  03.01.2017 2017-2019 124,6 26,9
4 Construction of underground mine at the "Samarchuk" site on the basis of the operating field "Kyzyl-Alma" (Angren) mining 100,0 of ore PP-2350 dated  03.06.2015 2015-2018 71,5 5,4
5 Construction of underground mine Mezhdurechye on the basis of the operating field "Kyzyl-Alma" (Angren) mining 120,0 of ore UP-4707 dated  04.03.2015 2017-2022 120,0 0,5
  Total       2 318,0 183,6


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