Almalyk MMC will direct $ 3.3 billion to modernize its production facilities in the coming years

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“By 2023, it is planned to increase ore production from the current 40 million tons to 100 million tons, the production of cathode copper - from 106 thousand tons to 250 thousand tons, metallic zinc - from 68 to 120 thousand tons, refining gold - from 14.6 tons to 30 tons and refining silver - from 98.6 tons to 215 tons", Azim Mirzadzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, said at a press conference in Tashkent today.

According to him, the practical implementation of the decisions taken on the development of the Eshlik-I deposit with the construction of a new concentration plant will double the output capacity of non-ferrous metal production in the Republic, create tens of thousands of new jobs.

“At the same time, the plant is actively increasing production today. Over the eight months of this year, the volume of marketable products was increased by 30.9%, including cathode copper - 24.1%, metal zinc - 22.6%, and refining gold - 6 , 7%, refined silver - 68.9%. In general, export of products increased by 56.8%, "A. Mirzadzhanov emphasized..   

One of the key projects of the plant is the development of the Yeshlik-I deposit. The first output of copper ore is planned to be carried out here already in 2021. About 23 million tons of ore per year were originally planned to be mined at the mine, but later the capacity was revised three times.

It is planned to increase ore output volumes gradually. By 2023, the mine should reach an indicator of 65 million tons annually, and by 2035 - by 74 million tons. In this regard, the number of workers will increase. It is expected that when the deposit will work at full capacity, six thousand people will get permanent work.

Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine is the only copper producer in Uzbekistan. The company produces refined copper, zinc metal, molybdenum, lead concentrate and other products..

The plant accounts for about 90% of silver production and 20% of gold in the Republic. Since August 2018, the state share in the enterprise was transferred to the trust management of the foreign company SFI Management Group.

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