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Speeches and statements by management

Personnel policy of "Almalyk MMC"

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The quality and timeliness of the plan implementation is largely dependent on the qualifications, experience, honesty and professionalism of the workers, specialists, managers and supervisors. We asked Azim MIRZADJANOV, the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of JSC “Almalyk MMC” on personnel issues about how the personnel policy at AGMK is formed, about the rules of employment at the Company and recruited last year.

- Azim Khakimdjanovich, please tell me what is included in the definition of “personnel policy” at our plant?

- Personnel training, the generation of an efficient-working team of such a major, diversified and complex enterprise is a continuous process: due to various circumstances, vacancies are generated, new jobs are created due to commissioning of new facilities. In addition, in accordance with the labor forecast, staff list and allocation of workers, taking into account the prospects for the development of the plant, the introduction of new equipment and technology, mechanization and automation of production processes, it is necessary to ensure the professional growth of workers, create a decent reserve of personnel, advance training and develop skills of workers. It is necessary for the future to form areas of specialties and professions that will be in demand in our production, and prepare them in advance. All this as a whole forms the personnel policy of the Company, for the implementation and effectiveness of which Human Resource department of Almalyk MMC JSC is responsible.

- What is the main source of recruitment?

- The AMMC staff is recruited, first of all, by recruiting graduates of higher educational institutions of the country, in particular, a branch of the Tashkent State Technical University in Almalyk, the National University of Science and Technology MISIS, studying at the expense of the plant, as well as graduates of professional colleges assigned by the Protocol of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Special attention is paid to attracting specialists in specific areas. So, for example, committees from the chief specialists of our divisions go to universities of the republic - architectural and construction, road institutes, institute of railway transport engineers and others, and conduct interviews with graduates in the relevant areas. Successful candidates are offered employment. Last year, 129 agreements were entered into with university graduates. Also, the best graduates of vocational colleges, who have positively manifested themselves during the internship, are employed.

- It turns out that people «from outside» are not accepted at all?

- Of course, accepted. According to the order of JSC "Almalyk MMC", a Central Committee was created at the plant, which includes the main specialists of the departments and the plant, which caries out recruitment from the unemployed population. They review documents on education, work experience, written answers of verification tasks, and, if necessary, determine their practical skills. The activity of the committee is based on the principles of publicity, objectivity and collegiality. I want to remind once again that a person alone cannot arrange someone’s employment at the plant. And if someone promises you a job for a fee, bypassing the current committee, then this is a fraud, and the money paid to him will be wasted. Even if you go to law enforcement agencies, the money will not be returned to you, and, according to the law, you will be liable on a par with your abuser.

We notify the population about the upcoming committee-based employment. Information about available vacancies, place and time of admission, indicating the requirements for education and work record is posted on the AGMK website, the special Central Portal of Online State Services and  website, as well as in the City Center for Employment Promotion and in the training center of the plant.

- How open and unbiased are these recruitments carried out?

- We try to make everything happen as openly as possible. With the transfer of the plant to the trust management by the foreign company FE LLC SFI Management Group, the task was set to improve the efficiency of operations and improve corporate governance at AGMK, including ensuring transparency of committee-based recruitment. To do this, the entire process of the committee, the written exam is recorded by video and photography. Envelopes with questions and tests made up by the main specialists of the departments are opened only in the presence of the examinees.

If people have questions, they can contact the department for control and coordination of work with applications of individuals and legal entities of the AMMC, in which the applicants are given qualified answers to their questions. The opening of the “Question-Answer” section in the website of the plant was also productive. All this has significantly reduced the number of written and oral complaints 250 in 2017 to 107 in the last year.

In addition, every Monday there is a reception of citizens on personal issues, during which each individual’s appeal is considered, the procedure for employment at the AMMC is explained once more, and answers are given to the questions of interest.

- How many people were employed in the workshops and departments of the plant last year?

- Last year we had organized 113 committee-based recruitments. In total, 4584 people were recruited, 754 of them with higher education, 2804 with secondary vocational education.

Taking this opportunity, I want to tell about one more important direction of our activity. At present, together with the khokimiyat, the Youth Union, the Center for Employment Promotion of the Population, as well as with the Almalyk mahalla committees, joint work is being carried out on the employment of people in need of social protection. During the past year, 708 people from this category were employed by JSC Almalyk MMC under quota of the Center for Employment Promotion of the Population in. This practice contributes to the solution of a very topical issue - ensuring employment of the population and creating an atmosphere of trust in the local authorities and management of the plant.

- What advice would you give to those who want to find a job at the plant?

- Our plant is a very complex and multisided production, the performance of which should be provided by highly qualified personnel. Every year, production management is improved, automated, which, of course, requires special knowledge. Every year the need for specialists with higher education increases. So in this regard, I can only give one piece of advice - improve your education, level of knowledge. And track the announcements of vacancies and dates of admission: transparency of employment, provided today at AGMK, will enable the most worthy to get a job!

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