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Speeches and statements by management

Happy spring, kindness and beauty!

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Dear women! Our dear employees - mothers, spouses, sisters, daughters, colleagues!

On behalf of all the men of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, I sincerely congratulate you with the International Women's Day - the holiday of spring, love and beauty!

On this wonderful day, addressing you with the warmest, most cordial and good wishes, we again bow to the sacred and blessed image of the Mother.

Tenderness and beauty, intelligence and devotion, love, dedication and many other wonderful qualities inherent to women, from time immemorial have served us as a source of strength, courage, bravery, readiness to display noble feelings and accomplish outstanding actions. So it was a hundred, and two hundred, and a thousand years ago - the best works of art, poems and songs, masterpieces of architecture all over the world are devoted to women.

Large-scale work is being carried out in our country to enhance the role and status of women in society, to create favorable conditions for them to engage in entrepreneurship, to demonstrate their talents, and to protect motherhood and childhood.

A lot is being done to improve working conditions and the quality of life of our employees at the plant, where 7,642 women are currently working.

Last year, 1,462 women improved their health in the health-resorts, including labor veterans and non-working pensioners, and 423 employees of the plant improved their health in the health-resorts in Uzbekistan.

Systematic work continues to create new jobs specifically to ensure the employment of women. Last year alone, 959 women were employed.

Today we have 237 women in the managerial positions. Moreover, production forecasting, accounting and finance, industrial enterprises and scientific laboratories are in their reliable and confident hands.

Working on a par with men at production sites and working with our children in preschool educational institutions, performing housekeeping, providing a reliable rear for your family, raising children, carefully preserving traditions, you make a significant contribution to the development of our plant. For this you are certainly worthy of gratitude.

On the eve of the holiday, together with the trust company SFI Management Group, the administration and the Council of the Workers' Trade Union of Almalyk MMC it was decided to pay a premium of 500 thousand UZS to all our employees in honor of the International Women's Day.

We will not disregard the participants of the Second World War and the labor front, the care of which is our sacred duty.

I am sure that every man of our plant strives to ensure that his mother, his family, wife and children are happy, and is ready to put all their efforts into this. And we all consider today's holiday as another opportunity to express our unlimited love and respect to women.

Dear our women!

Once again, with all my heart, I congratulate you with the International Women's Day! Be always healthy and happy! I wish all of you family well-being, peace and prosperity in your homes! May the love and care of your family, relatives and close friends always surround you!


Chairman of the Board

JSC "Almalyk MMC"

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