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Life is beautiful in the world where piece and understanding prevail

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Dear employees of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex, the plant veterans, Almalyk residents!

There are many wonderful and bright holidays in the world. But a special place among them, of course, takes Navruz - a symbol of spring and renewal. It is distinguished by antiquity and amazing beauty. And at the same time, it organically echoes the realities of our present day.

Its deep meaning and content fully reflect the originality and mentality of our people, for which human qualities such as kindness and mercy, generosity and charity, mutual respect for others and unlimited love for the nature of their native land were and remain the main ones.

On the eve of Navruz, the whole country turned into one big construction site. At the initiative of President Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev, a large-scale creative work was launched in all sectors of the economy, major projects of strategic importance are being implemented, ensuring the well-being and new quality of life of the population.

The shape of our cities and villages is changing beyond recognition. In many respects, this is promoted by khashars, when all together the inhabitants of sunny Uzbekistan improve makhallas, parks, streets, thereby making our country more beautiful. These days, employees of the plant also take an active part in khashars, improving industrial areas, industrial zones, assigned makhallas and household territories. As part of the improvement and landscaping activities, hundreds of thousands of flowers, fruit and ornamental tree seedlings will be planted. Of course, this work is carried out annually, but today we have prepared for it with great care by taking part in the provision of a system of irrigation of plants.

Employees of the plant meet the holiday with the fulfillment of all forecast indicators, continuing the tremendous work of modernization and expansion of production. Today, with the trust company SFI Management Group, we set ourselves big tasks - this is further increasing production, reducing the cost of products, activating the localization program, increasing the export potential. Due to the above factors, in 2019 we plan to achieve a reduction in production costs by 3.1%, to ensure an increase in output by 117.5%, including exports of products by more than $ 883 million. Taking this opportunity, I want to note that the contribution of employees of the plant does not remain without attention from the leadership of the republic. So this year, in honor of the International Women's Day, for many years of fruitful work, Tanzila Mansurovna Sativaldieva, specialist of the water solutions electrolysis at the Copper Smelting Plant was awarded with a “Dustlik” Order.

During Navruz such noble qualities inherent in our people, as love for our native land, our country, mercy, help to those who need support, are even more vividly manifested. These days, employees of our plant share the joy of the holiday with all Almalyk residents, hold charity events for boarding school pupils, protected houses “Mekhribonlik”, “Sakhovat”, “Muruvat”, provide moral and financial support to war and labor veterans, members of the labor front and single pensioners from among the former employees of AMMC.

This year has been declared as the Year of Active Investments and Social Development in our country.

Workers of the plant continue to develop “Yoshlik I” field, expand production facilities for processing raw materials, build the “Samarchuk” and “Mejdurechye” underground mines, and implement the Program of priority measures for reconstruction and stabilization.

The large-scale investment program being implemented today at the plant will not only increase the extraction and processing of ore, production of the final product, but also create a tremendous reserve for the future, provide jobs for thousands of young people who have yet to begin their career path.

As part of the comprehensive social support for families of workers of the plant in Almalyk, the construction of a new micro district with 10 multi-storey buildings and the Youth Park has been completed.

Employees of the Angren Mining Administration are also mowing into new apartments in the house that has undergone renovation. Work continues on the construction of a boarding house in the Zaamin district of the Jizzakh region; it has become the center of creativity and culture not only for the Almalyk residents, but also for the entire Tashkent region, the renovated Metallurg Culture Palace. Work on the implementation of social programs by the plant will continue.

Dear friends!

On behalf of the trust company SFI Management Group and the Executive Board of the plant, I congratulate you with this wonderful spring holiday. I wish you health, happiness, creative success, family well-being. May Navruz bring prosperity and welfare, peace and wealth to your families!


Chairman of the Board

JSC "Almalyk MMC"

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