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Dear toilers of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex, dear veterans of our complex!

On behalf of JSC “Almalyk MMC” management and holding company “SFI Management Group” my congratulations to all several thousand strong collective of the complex, its veterans with professional holiday – Day of employees of mining and metallurgical industry!

First of all, I want to thank all of you for conscientious work, dedication and unity in achieving a common goal - an increase in processing and production of final products. Indicators of the first four months of this year shows that activity of our collective is fruitful and effective.

Commercial output is more than 5 trillion 93 billion 777 million sum, growth rate compared with analogues period of last year is 128,7%. 44160 tons of cathode copper (growth rate 120,8%), 29800 tons of metallic zinc (growth rate 120,2%). Indicators of precious metals output are no less indicative: growth rate of refined gold output was 106,1%, refined silver – 130,6%. For the first quarter of this year, products were exported for 285 mln. USD (growth rate 152,8%).   

It is possible to say with confidence that today our enterprise is on new stage of its development.

Great prospects laid in implemented investment projects, target parameters of several projects are revised, in result vole of ore processed and manufacturing facilities on main products will in crease significantly.

At expense of “Yoshlyk I” deposit development and its incorporation with “Kalmakyr” deposit, volume of ore processed will achieve 100 mln. tons to 2028, that is three times more compared with current output. Foreseen construction of copper processing plant (CPP) in the framework of implemented investment projects, new melting unit MU-2, reconstruction and extension of anode and converter processing, construction of new copper electrolysis shop, two sulfuric acid shops at copper and zinc melting plants will allow achieve cathode copper output 250 th. tons per year, thus complex production facilities will increase twice.

Not only quantitative but also qualitative changes take place at AMMC.

For assessment of enterprise’s mineral resources, creation of full database for each deposit with conclusion concerning possibility and practicability of their industrial development in accordance with international code JORC, “SRK Consulting” (Great Britain) is invited. It will allow increase AMMC investment attractiveness, to create wide opportunities for effective interaction with potential investors and international financial institutes.

For providing growth of production facilities based on technological solutions of the world level, two international scientific-practical conferences were carried out at AMMC. First conference was dedicated to problems, ways of solution and perspectives of Vanyukov’s process - melting in a liquid bath development – the most effective technology of copper receiving for today.

During the second conference, current issues of our enterprise’s anthropogenic deposits reprocessing were considered. These international forums gave impulse, laid scientific-practical   and theoretical grounds of construction at AMMC of the second PZHV furnace, the most complete processing   of anthropogenic wastes accumulated for 70 years of complex work.  

Great attention is paid today to manufacture of are metals and alloys. Program of rare metals and alloys production increase and production of new types of rare metals at SPA PRM and TS has been prepared, unique Uzbek-Korean scientific-technological center of rare metals and sintered-hard alloys has been opened. 

It is possible to say much about current transformations since they relate to each division within the Almalyk MMC. I would like to spotlight one question being very important for complex financial stability. It is reduction of thievery scale, to prevention of which we pay big attention. Due to this, great monetary funds become remain at the enterprise. Work in this direction will be continued up to full liquidation of this negative e vent at our enterprise.

It is no secret that production success create strong foundation for solution of social issues. More and more funds are released, which we direct for social development. In all subdivisions domestic and sanitary conditions have been improved, canteens are in order. AMMC Palace of culture “Metalurg” has been repaired an d reconstructed during short period, preventative clinics         repairs are started in Almalyk and Chirchik, vacation hotel in Zaamin district of Dzhizak region, new high-rise residential buildings have been commissioned. We plan construction of secondary school on 2500 places, overhaul of preschool educational institution No. 35 and many others.

More attention is paid to personnel training, improvement of young specialists professional level. It means that funds for study of experience of the best enterprises of near and far abroad, activation of Youngsters Union activity and associations of young specialists. Training is started for personnel dedicated to MEF-3 and other objects, which are in stage of design but their commissioning is planned for the nearest years. 

Today in our republic by initiative and at immediate management of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev great reforms are carried out, in which Almalyk MMC is considered as one from main links. Our dedicated work is strengthening of our country economic power and further increase of complex employees and their families members’ wellbeing. We face great transformations, and each of us must understand that it is made, first of all, for complex employees, our people, our lovely Motherland.

So let us succeed in all our plans, everything that is planned will be realized.

Congratulating our work collective with professional holiday, I wish new achievements, forces and deep knowledge for our plans realization, I wish you and your families health, happiness, wellbeing and satisfaction from fruitful work!     


Chairman of Board “Almalyk MMC”

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