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AMMC: only forward on the road of great achievements!

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Dear workers of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine, our dear veterans of production, Almalyk citizens!

On behalf of the Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" and the management company "SFI Management Group" I congratulate you on the greatest, most expensive holiday for all the people of Uzbekistan – the 28th anniversary of independence of our country! This remarkable day was for us the beginning of a new era, which opened the way to a new, free life.

Today, the Republic under the leadership of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is undergoing a grand transformation. Their enormity cannot be overstated: for the last two years in Uzbekistan began to operate thousands of new production facilities, provides comprehensive assistance to private entrepreneurship, focuses on small business development, expanding the geography and volume of export, built residential complexes in cities and comfortable houses for rural residents. All this is done in the name of the people and is aimed at improving the welfare of every citizen of a multinational country.

An active participant in this colossal work is our Almalyk mining and metallurgical plant, which makes a significant contribution to the strengthening of the country's economy.

Today, within the framework of the development strategy developed jointly with the company "SFI Management Group", the team of Almalyk mining and metallurgical combine successfully fulfills all the planned production indicators.

Thus, in the seven months of this year, commercial products were produced for more than 3 trillion 574 billion 424 million UZS, which was 107.9 percent of the forecast. The growth rate compared to the same period last year was 130 percent. No less indicative growth rates compared to 2018 and the production of basic products: copper cathode-121.6%, zinc-120.6%, gold-107.1%, silver-157.6%. The growth rate of cement production was 231.6%.

Products were exported for 508 million 740 thousand UZS, the growth rate compared to the same period of the last year was 151.3%.

We have significantly expanded the range and geography of exports, in addition to traditional products this year exported palladium, lead cake, bismuth sludge, Portland cement.

This year, much attention is paid to saving fuel and energy resources, raw materials, labor costs, the reduction of which is achieved through the modernization of production facilities, proper organization of labor, optimization of costs.

As a result, energy costs were reduced from the projected for 234 billion UZS, raw materials – 129 billion UZS. The total savings in the forecast of 3.1%, was 11.9%.

In the conditions of fierce competition on the world stage, our most important task is to modernize and update the plant on the basis of the most advanced achievements of science and high technologies, to find internal reserves. Within the framework of international cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea, the Uzbek-Korean scientific and technological center for rare metals and hard alloys was opened on the basis of the scientific and production Association for the production of rare metals and hard alloys. Among its tasks, including research activities for the production of new products, materials, development of technology for producing high – purity metals-molybdenum, rhenium, tungsten and others.

In addition to the development of new raw materials, we are solving the problems of processing man-made deposits. This was the subject of an international conference held in April this year, which was attended by scientists and specialists, research institutes, large companies from 10 countries. Today, the conclusions and proposals made at the conference are the basis for design solutions for processing off-balance sheet ores of the plant.

Much attention this year was paid to the solution of social issues of workers of the plant and the city. Despite the fact that the prices of our main products – copper and zinc - in the first half of the year in the international market of non-ferrous metals significantly decreased, the Board of JSC "Almalyk MMC" and the management company decided to increase wages by 15 percent from September 1 this year. Ongoing work has begun to improve working conditions in departments of the works: renovated kitchens, cabins, bathrooms, showers, induced order in the shops and in industrial areas, more attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the production that, no doubt, affects people's mood and, consequently, on performance.

Since August last year, the Palace of culture "metallurg" has been reconstructed, 10 seven-storey houses have been commissioned in the new district "27 years of independence", where 2 children's educational institutions have also been opened, residential houses and kindergartens on the balance sheet of the plant are being repaired. Reconstruction of dispensaries of the combine located in Almalyk and Chirchik is begun. Just the students graduated from the first course of the  Almalyk Branch of the National Research Technological University "MISiS" , and we are already considering the construction of this institution with a specialized school with in-depth study of natural sciences.

We have already begun to prepare personnel for our new facilities, the workers and specialists of which will have to start their duties in 2-3 years.

The plant makes a great contribution to the improvement of Almalyk, thanks to which only in the last year our city has repeatedly become a venue for international tournaments, festivals, cultural events, becoming more attractive and convenient for meeting guests of the highest level.

The challenges ahead are enormous. In the coming years, we plan to develop 3 billion 349.8 million US dollars of investments aimed at expanding the raw material base, increasing the production capacity of the plant.

The construction of the largest copper beneficiation plant (CBP-3) in the CIS countries  with a capacity of 60 million tons of ore processing per year has been started.

The development of the accelerating field "Yoshlik I", the construction of the CBP-3, modernization and construction of new facilities at the smelter will allow in 2023 to produce 100 million tons of ore per year, produce 250 thousand tons of copper cathode, 120 thousand tons of zinc metal, to significantly increase the production of precious and rare metals, create thousands of new jobs.

I am sure that our multinational team, which employs talented and highly professional workers with rich experience and skill, dedicated to the plant and the country with honor will cope with the implementation of such large-scale tasks.

Dear friends!

I heartily congratulate you on the great holiday – The Independence Day of Uzbekistan! I wish health and happiness to you and your families, prosperity, success in all endeavors, peace and goodness!


Chairman of the Board

JSC “Almalyk MMC”

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