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- Abdulla Halmuradovich, the most striking event of 2019 was the parliamentary elections to the Legislative Chamber and the local Kengashes of people's deputies. According to the results of this political event, you, having run for elections in the Tashkent Region and Almalyk city Kengashes of people's democrats, won and are now a deputy of the regional and city Kengashes. Please share your plans for future work in this capacity..

- First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has shown me such high confidence. I understand that justifying this trust will not be easy, and so much remains to be done. I have the tasks set by the country's leadership, as before the Chairman of the Board of Almalyk MMC JSC, now there is the trust of our citizens, which I also have to justify. Ahead is work to improve the appearance of our city, to create infrastructure, this year we will complete the development of project documentation to provide the city with technical water. Together with the Almalyk khokim, we must complete the master plan for the development of the city and ensure its expansion. In addition, we have to ensure the implementation of the AMMC investment projects, which, in turn, will create new jobs. As an example, I will give the project for the construction of a new copper processing plant - MOF-3. Its implementation will create more than 6,000 new jobs. In general, the objects of our investment projects will require 10 thousand skilled workers. So, as a deputy, in addition to improving the infrastructure of the city, I plan to deal with the creation of new jobs.

- The past year was full of important dates and events that determine the further development of our country, city, and AMMC. What events of the past year would you like to celebrate?

- Among the most important events of 2019, I would like to note the arrival of the country's leader in the Tashkent region. We presented investment programs for the prospective development of the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine, which were approved by the President. During the presentation, Shavkat Miromonovich Mirziyoyev instructed to increase the production capacity of AGMK by 2.5 times.

Another important event of the past year was the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical plant. This grandiose event was noted at the highest level. The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan congratulated the staff of the AMMC on a significant date, 43 workers of the plant were awarded with government awards. This indicates the attention and trust of the country's leadership.

I would especially like to note the holding of an international conference on the basis of the Almalyk branch of NUST “MISiS”, the theme of which was the processing of industrial wastes of the AMMC. Over the 70-year-old activity of our enterprise, several million tons of industrial waste has accumulated. These are very good stocks of the plant, its assets. Along with the expansion of our production facilities, the development of Kalmakyr, we plan to create new production facilities for the processing of these industrial wastes.

- Abdulla Halmuradovich, what investment projects are planned to be implemented in 2020?

- In the coming year, we plan to complete the work begun on the reconstruction and restoration of our production facilities. The President of Uzbekistan approved the Stabilization and Reconstruction Program of the MOF, MPZ and the zinc plant. We must complete the construction of a new section of press filters for the selection and drying workshop of the MOF copper-molybdenum concentrate. Putting it into operation will allow to achieve huge savings due to avoiding the use of natural gas in the factory. This will also reduce cost and improve quality by reducing the moisture content of the supplied copper concentrate..

In 2019, the construction site of our new enrichment plant, MOF-3, was determined. In 2020, we plan to begin construction and installation works, the construction of the main building and other production facilities.

The plans for the coming year also include the completion of the reconstruction of the cadmium and electrolyte shops of the plant, the fluidized bed furnace of the zinc plant.

- AGMK is a city-forming enterprise. It is important not only in Almalyk, but also in the region and the Republic as a whole. What was the role of the plant in the development of social infrastructure and what are the plans for work in this area for this year?

- The past year was successful for us in many directions. For example, our futsal team became the five-time champion of Uzbekistan, won the Cup of the country. And there were many such events and victories.

If we consider the social sphere, then last year we completed the construction of 10 multi-storey buildings, a park, began the repair and reconstruction of our dispensary. In 2019, the development of design estimates for the construction of a new sanatorium in the Zaamin district of the Jizzakh region was completed. This year, our task is to begin and complete its construction by creating another institution for the rehabilitation of workers of the plant.

- What would you like to wish to all the employees of the AMMC and the Almalyk residents?

- I want to wish success, family well-being, so that dreams come true! Once again, I congratulate everyone on the upcoming 2020! I also want to congratulate your TV channel and the staff of the information service, wishing you creative success!

- Thank you for your good wishes and conversation. On behalf of the workers of the plant and the townspeople, we also wish you good health and success in your work!

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