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All opportunities and privileges are for our people!

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Already on March 11 this year, the World Health Organization declared a coronavirus pandemic. In Uzbekistan, its first carrier was identified on March 15. On the same day, the President of our country organized a special commission to combat the pandemic. The first meeting was held with the participation of the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, and antiepidemic and quarantine measures were developed.

The country’s leadership has taken tough and decisive measures aimed primarily at preserving the life and health of the republic’s population, despite the fact that many of them have resulted in significant economic losses. In order to combat the coronavirus, a number of presidential decrees were adopted. In particular, the Decree “On additional measures to support the population, sectors of the economy and economic entities during the Coronavirus Pandemic” dated April 3, determined that the main attention is paid to the population, assistance is provided to the poor, lonely elderly and disabled people are delivered sets with 18 items of basic food and hygiene products. The historical significance of this decree is that at a time when the entire world economy is experiencing a financial crisis, the head of state has found solutions to stabilize the activities of both economic sectors and large enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs.

The payment of social tax and the calculation of profit tax have been suspended for the quarantine period for entrepreneurs. This was a great support for almost 150,000 individual entrepreneurs. Also, for those of them who paid 100 percent for natural gas and electricity consumption, payments were reduced by 30 percent.

These measures allowed entrepreneurs to invest the freed up funds in the development of their own production, in the production of additional products. It is also worth noting the scale of assistance provided by the Entrepreneurs Support Fund.

In addition, home-based activities are widely supported. The 50 million USD invested in this sector is both an opportunity and a confidence for our craftsmen.

Dear entrepreneurs, artisans of Almalyk!

Let us make productive use of the benefits provided by the head of our state and the government of the country, developing existing production facilities and opening new ones. This will be a worthy contribution not only to the well-being of your family, but also to the development of the economy as a whole.

Dear citizens of Almalyk!

On April 3, the head of our state addressed the people of Uzbekistan. Taking care of the health of each of us, he expressed regret that, despite extensive information, warnings and clarifications related to coronavirus infection, quarantine measures have been maliciously violated by many. From the beginning of quarantine introduction till April 7 more than 22 thousand cases of violations have been revealed, 330 people left the quarantine zone! And it became absolutely inadmissible to hold mass rituals during the quarantine. Despite the bans, 24 such events were held, where their organizers allowed themselves to risk not only their own lives, but also the lives of their children, parents, relatives and close ones, as well as those of their relatives and not only residents living nearby, but also those to which their guests returned.

Prevention of such cases is the primary task of the diamond city administration, malhallya aksakals (elders) and activists, who need to ensure strict observance of quarantine procedures by the population.

In his Message, the President of Uzbekistan addressed to students and schoolchildren studying at home, calling not to waste time, to assimilate knowledge through organized online lessons, to increase them by reading books and, as ancestors advised, not to leave a single day without exercise and physical activity.

Dear youth of Almalyk!

The future of our country is in your hands! You will have to continue what has been started by representatives of the present generation. And just like the head of our state, I urge you to stay at home at this difficult time, sharpen your knowledge, study languages, create, invent! The Motherland believes in you, relies on you! And you, justifying this trust and demonstrating your civic position, of course, must now stay at home!

The traditions of our people are filled with the values formed over the millennia, to which the situation in the world calls us today. We greeted our guests with our hands to our hearts, while keeping our distance, first of all, we served water to wash hands, all year round we ate fruits and vegetables saturated with the sunny warmth of our Motherland. And our sacred Islamic religion, before and now, urges us to always keep our thoughts, soul and body pure. And today’s reality is closely intertwined with tradition.

Today, our country has taken all measures to fight the coronavirus infection and its spread. We have a sufficient supply of food and medicine. More than 100,000 people have been quarantined, in addition to 13,000 citizens who have been transported from abroad are fully quarantined. A quarantine zone is being built in Yukorichirchiksky district of Tashkent province for 10 thousand people. The first part of it has already accommodated 2 thousand people who have arrived from abroad. Besides, two virological hospitals for 10 thousand people are under construction in Zangiata district.

All measures taken, which require huge financial and labor costs, are aimed first of all at preservation of health of the population, ensuring peace, peace of mind and well-being of our people. The trials and hardships that have fallen to our people will soon pass. But in order to quickly overcome the coronavirus infection, we must all join forces, act together and, as one, follow the rules of the quarantine period and, most importantly, stay home.

Another important point about those who have a household plot. Let’s beautify our yards, take care of the available land, planting seedlings of fruit trees, various vegetables. Fruits and vegetables grown with our own hands will not only be organic and more delicious, but will also be a complement to the family budget.

It’s not easy for all of us today. We don’t know what side to expect the enemy from - the coronavirus is invisible, unheard, odorless, and tasteless. But we have a reliable means of fighting it - is to follow the rules of quarantine period. All we have to do is stay at home, reduce communication and strictly observe the rules of hygiene! Self-isolation is to prevent the spread of infection! 

Dear citizens of Almalyk!

By staying at home, you will not only secure your life, but also keep yourself and your close ones healthy and thus contribute to the speedy overcoming of coronavirus infection, the development of our economy and the preservation of the future of our nation. Stay home, take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Senator of Oliy Majlis of the Re pubic of Uzbekistan,

Chairman of the Board of AMMC JSC

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