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Dear workers and staff of automobile and transport field plan, dear colleagues!

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Usually we celebrate the last Sunday of October as a “Day of automobile and transport field staff” in our country every year.

Also automobile and technological transport department’s workers and staff which considered hugest department of the plant and consisting from more than 4000 workers and staff celebrate their professional holiday.

Need to say that, automobile and technological transport department has its specific role in the business activity of Olmalik mining and metallurgical plant. It is true to say that transporters service is, in fact, one of the main root of the industry fulfilling the tasks such as transportation of technological cargos, transportation of mountain rocks from the mines, providing the companies of the plant with the necessary technical resources and taking the workers and staff to their working places. 

Today’s complex pandemic situation Olmalik mining and metallurgical plant is gaining high results with their self-sacrificingly labor. The plant has produced the products in the amount of 16.4 trillion sum during 9 month of the current year. The plan is fulfilled in 116,2 percent. Copper production volume is 102,6% percent, gold is 104,6% percent and silver is 127 percent. Within the framework of investment program it was earned 183,7 million dollar and the forecast was fulfilled in the amount of 107,1 percent, within the framework of the localization the goods have been produced in the amount of 110.1 billion sum as per 63 projects. 

Automobile and transport service has respective contribution in 55 year continuous activity achieving this achievements. 

Using this moment need to note the production volume increases year by year in the plant. Huge investment projects are being implemented. This, in its turn, requires developing the transport field, further development of this field and providing with new technical resources.

Plant top managers are paying more attention to proper distribution of the work system in the automobile companies and necessary equipment and technical resources are being purchased. 

Especially, let us emphasize the works performed within the framework of investment project of “mastering Yoshlik 1 mine field”.

In order to perform mine field works within the short term, mountain technics in the amount of 332 pieces has been delivered. It was purchased 112 pieces special and transport vehicles from local producers.

Glad to inform that nowadays one more agreement has been signed by the plant, it will be imported 29 pieces new huge trucks branded “BelAZ” having power of 220 ton load lifting to the transport parking.

Besides, wide range of works are being carried out on developing and further development of the transport sphere in the plant.

This year it was decided to change organizational structure of the transport service considering increasing of production volume, modernizations implemented in the departments of the plant as well as increasing cargo transportation volume in the railway transport.

Additionally, it was created a position for deputy director for transport and logistics of the chairman of Olmalik mining and metallurgical plant. Automobile and transport logistics department and railway transport and logistics department has commenced their business activity in the executive apparatus.

Now, automobile transport department and technological transport departments are running their business activity in the structure of the plant. Obviously, the performance of these change in this sphere will show successful results.

Autotransporters team of the plant is not only hardworking but also they have features of high organizers. The plans are always successfully fulfilled by the team due to the fact that they respect traditions and long year experience and follow labor discipline. We believe that close friendship and solidarity are kept in future in the team, they will achieve high results.

Using this moment, I sincerely congratulate the labor team of automobile and transport department having more importance in the production chain of the plant with their professional holiday on behalf of management board of the plant.

I wish you family peacefulness, success and good health. Let your face always be bright after your work, wish you success and prosperity for your works performed for the success of our plant, moreover our country. 


Senator of Oliy Majlis of the Re pubic of Uzbekistan,

Chairman of the Board of AMMC JSC

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