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Deputy Chairman of the Board for social affairs  of "Almalyk MMC" JSC

Phone: +998 78 141-93-20

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reception day and hours: every Tuesday at 15:00


Was born  in 1978 in Namangan region.

Education – higher. In 2002 graduated from N ational university of Uzbekistan, spelialty - jurisprudence.

Labor activity:

1995-1999  - Student of Tashkent state university

1999-2000 - Senior Advisor, Department of Controlling the Performance of Contractual Obligations of the economic subjects of the Justice Department of Namangan region

2000-2002  - Student of National Univercity of Uzbekistan

2003-2006  - Legal Advisor of JV "Uzdunrobita", Namangan branch

2006-2011  - Direc of JV "Uzdunrobita", Namangan branch

2014-2015  - Head of Service Center of LLC "UMS", Ferghana

2015-2017 - Head of transport department of LLC "UMS", Tashkent

2017-2018  - Senior Specialist, Department of internal security, Department of Security of LLC "UMS", Tashkent

2018-2018  - Manager of internal security department and general issues of joint venture LLC "Toshkent Metallurgiya Zavodi", Tashkent

2018 - to date - Deputy Chairman of the Board for Social Affairs of “Almalyk MMC"


  • manages the work of the Plant in the field of social and economic issues and in accordance with functional responsibilities;
  • coordinates and controls the functional responsibilities of the heads of the following structural units: department of social work, as well as other departments, divisions/services, subordinated to the Deputy Chairman for social issues in accordance with the approved organizational structure of the Plant;
  • coordinates and controls the implementation of forecast indicators and parameters,
  • assigned to non-core objects of the Plant;
  • signs invoices, acts of completed works (services), acts of acceptance and/or transfer of goods (works, services), power of attorney for acceptance of inventory items, projects, estimates, calculations, specifications, drawn up in the framework of contracts concluded by the Plant to ensure the activities and performance of functional tasks supervised by the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for social issues.
  • Has the right to sign the following documents, contracts, and outgoing correspondence:
  • lease and purchase of buildings, structures, vehicles and other property, including their transfer or acceptance for free use;
  • provision of medical services, postal services, payment of utilities and operating costs;
  • orders, instructions for compensation for damage caused to employees by injury, occupational disease or other health damage related to the performance of their work duties and in the event of loss of a breadwinner;
  • outgoing correspondence related to the conclusion and execution of the listed contracts related directly to the functions of the structural divisions subordinated to the Deputy Chairman of the management Board for personnel and social issues.
  • For the period of temporary absence of the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for social issues, its powers are performed by the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for Economics and Finance or other person appointed by temporary order of the Plant’s Chairman of the Board.
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