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Zinc oxide


GOST 202-84

Grade БЦ 1

Application area:

For manufacture of paintwork materials, asbestos articles, imitation leather and sole rubber.

Form and packaging:

Packing – 25 kg in polypropylene bags with polyethylene stuffer.

Terms of delivery – (EXW) customer pick up, “Almalyk MMIW” warehouses.

Terms of payment – 100% prepayment.

Realization of zink oxide is performed daily thorugh electronic exchange auction of JSC UzRCE.

Zinc oxide meets requirements indicated in the table:



1. Mass fraction of zinc compounds (Zn), calculated as zink oxide (ZnO),%, at least


2. Mass fraction of lead compounds (Pb) calculated as lead oxide (PbO),%, at most


3. Mass fraction of substances insolluble in chlorhydric acid,%, at most

4. Mass fraction of solluble substances, %, at most 0,15

5. Mass loss under baking, %, at most

6. Reminder on sieve with mesh No.0063, %, at most 0,1
7. Covering power, г/м², at most 130
8. Whiteness, nominal units, at least 95


  • 00cu150
  • 01cement150
  • 02cutube150
  • 03emalprovod150
  • 04kadmiy150
  • 05au150
  • 06ag150
  • 07zn150
  • frrewr
  • h2so4150
  • kuporos150
  • selen150-2
  • teknic_tellur
  • vp_ru_uz
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