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The first products of modern equipment were received

29 September 2022, 12:40 412

As previously reported, on the basis of the investment project "Development of the Yoshlik-1 Mine", modern technological equipment was brought to the Central Repair Mechanics Plant.

In particular, on January of this year, Gleason P2000 gear milling equipment was brought from Germany to the mining equipment preparation section of the mechanical assembly shop and installed. In June, Gleason P8000 was commissioned. Also, AXIOM 900 lathe screw cutting equipment was installed on the site.

Rustam Danyarov, head of the workshop, said that Gleason P8000 equipment produced 4 pieces of gear on August. These products were delivered to the copper beneficiation plant and the zinc plant. This equipment, the only one in Central Asia, has the ability to open the teeth of mill belts (venets) from 3 to 8 meters. The most convenient part is that the product is prepared quickly and with high quality.

The advantages of this equipment are that it is fully automated, and the time spent on production has been reduced by four times. It is important that these products were previously imported at a great cost, and as a result of the production of the product in the shop, the price of each shaft gear is reduced by 3 times.

The AXIOM 900 lathe screw cutting equipment is also modern and fully automated. The convenience compared to the previous machines is that it directs each detail based on the xz axis. It is capable of processing details from 1800 mm to 6000 mm in diameter. It does not require manual labor. It also opens wedges based on the XZ axis. It also performs polishing of the upper layer, the efficiency is high. It saves time by carrying out internal and external directions with high quality.

The mobile lathe works on the basis of the Siemens program and easily outputs the parameters given to the surface of the part. Turns the part from a semi-finished product into a finished product.

The operation process and settings of the technological equipment are monitored online. In addition, 2 pieces of SAK-60/135 and 6 pieces of SN71 lathe screw cutting equipment were delivered to the workshop. These devices are also very efficient. Prepares details according to given dimensions. Perfectly delivers the detail to the next technological process. Every detail requires precision, whether it's diameter or length. New equipment works with high precision.

It is planned to produce 97 different types of localized products worth 208 billion soums in 2022 at the Central Repair Mechanics Plant which is the chief executor of the localization program implemented at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex.

At the workshop, 57 types of products are currently being produced as part of the program. In recent years, the production of a number of products has been mastered based on the program. In particular, ShSL hinged bearings, modular 28Z43 toothed shaft gears, armor for KMD-2200 T1 D1M and KSD2200 Gr D1M crushing equipment are produced for BelAZ auto giants.

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