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Together we can overcome everything!

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The adoption of such a decision was yet another recognition of the enormous contribution that the industry’s enterprises and, in particular, the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex make to the country’s economy, strengthening its position in the world market and improving the welfare of its citizens.

Today, at a time of significant limitations associated with the spread of coronavirus infection throughout the globe, thanks to the activities of the country’s leadership led by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirziyoev Sh.M., timely measures have been taken to prevent the wide spread of this infection in the country, and favorable conditions have been created for the production activities of city-forming enterprises.

And in spite of the fact that we celebrate our professional holiday in a difficult situation, the staff of AMMC meets it with significant work achievements. 

This is evidenced by the performance figures of the forecast indicators. For 4 months the forecast for commodity products in current prices was fulfilled by 102.5%, the growth rate in comparable prices to the same period of 2019 was 106.2%.

Copper cathode production amounted to 100.6%, the growth rate - 100.9%, including its production at the expense of own raw materials - 100.8%, the growth rate - 106.2%, the performance of zinc metal production is ensured by 100.0%, the growth rate - 111.2%.

Now, when due to the declared quarantine activity of many enterprises has been temporarily stopped, we have decided to produce additional products. The commitments were made after a thorough study of all available options, in consultation with the trust company, the chief specialists and heads of departments.

Due to fulfillment of the planned one, we will be able to ensure production of 568 billion 709 million sum of additional products by the end of the year. Including at the expense of production of non-ferrous and noble metals - 525 billion 051 million sum, production of rare metals - 43 billion 659 million sum in addition to the set task.

The planned task will allow us to export $78.8 million more products by the end of this year, despite the decline in prices in the world market due to the pandemic.

Besides, we plan to increase funds in national currency due to additional production of 49 new products included in the Program of localization at the rate of 31.3 billion sum against the planned 120.0 billion sum.

We continue to implement the planned measures to modernize and stabilize production capacities. This is largely due to the fact that in 2020 the cost of production is expected to decline by 587.0 billion sum (in addition to the forecast of 248.1 billion sum), or 5.3% against the forecast of 3.0%. Due to all measures taken, payments to the budget will also increase.

We also have big plans on implementation of investment projects. I will not stop at each of them, I will note, perhaps, the most large-scale and relevant to date - the construction of Copper-processing plant MOF-3. Since the beginning of work here has already been completed a million cubic meters of excavation works, almost 30 thousand running meters of drilling, the construction of a tailing farm has begun. About 90 units of various equipment work here every day. Already this year the two-track spiral congress of the “Razvyazka” post of the Kalmakyr mine within the framework of the investment project “Expansion of production capacities on extraction and processing of raw materials Kalmakyr, Sary-Cheku, UPZhT, UAT, MOF and KVK-4” was put into operation.

I spoke in detail about our plans and prospects because it is up to you and me to fulfill our commitments and implement all the planned investment projects. And each of us should understand that the outcome of the work of the entire plant and the economic well-being of the republic and its citizens depend on what he or she does at his or her workplace.

On the eve of a professional holiday, I would like to note the work of the entire team of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical complex: the excellent work of the “Kalmakyr” ore management workers involved in the implementation of the “Yoshlik I” project, the Angren and Chadak gold miners, Kaulda mine, enrichment plants, and a copper plant and workers of the zinc plant, the efficiency of the “Khandiza” mine management teams, TsRMZ, a pipe plant, the resistance of workers in cement plants, our motorists, railway workers and all divisions, without which it is impossible no link in a complex interconnected technological chain at any stage of production.

Our fruitful work allows us to provide tremendous social assistance to a huge number of people who find themselves in a difficult life situation due to quarantine for coronavirus in the Tashkent, Surkhandarya, Jizzakh, Namangan regions, to contribute to supporting people affected by the flood as a result of the breakthrough of the Sardobinsky dam reservoirs, to participate by specialists and equipment in eliminating the consequences of this accident.

And besides this, we try to fulfill all social obligations to the participants of the war and the labor front, single pensioners and socially vulnerable families of the city. Construction continues on social facilities in compliance with all quarantine standards. The construction of the “Dolphin” swimming complex in Angren is nearing completion, where a number of our manufacturing enterprises are also located; the modern buildings of the sanatorium in Almalyk are already looming due to the reconstruction being carried out there.

In this difficult time, a close-knit, highly professional multinational team of the AMMC, overcoming all difficulties, is confidently moving towards the milestones. The importance of our complex is also evidenced by the fact that, according to Protocol No. 22 of May 12, 2020 of the Republican Anti-Crisis Commission, JSC “Almalyk MMC” as of January 1, 2020 was recognized as the most profitable among the largest enterprises and associations of Uzbekistan.

  Dear complex workers!

On behalf of the board of JSC “Almalyk MMC” and the management company “SFI Management Group”, I sincerely congratulate you on the Day of Mining and Metallurgical Workers!

We are facing grandiose tasks, we have outlined long-term prospects. And the future of our youth depends on how we will implement all our plans.

Thank you for your work, for your dedication, for the high civic responsibility that is shown every day!

I wish all of you and your families health, well-being, further success and all the best!


Chairman of the Board of JSC Almalyk MMC

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