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Copper pipes
Standard:Standard: Ts 00193950-006:2014
Production cycle:
  • cathode copper smelting with adding the phosphorous-copper alloy for de-oxidation;
  • discharge of copper pieces;
  • rolling and drawing the copper pieces – in case of need: making the internal valley;
  • winding the copper tubes onto coils (spiral, layer-by-layer ordered), and making the linear sections;
  • annealing the copper tubes;
  • packaging.
Application range: Copper tubes are used in cold and hot water lines, heating systems, gas pipelines, and other infrastructure systems, and also in refrigerating equipment and heat exchangers.
Form and packing: The mass of the tubes in coils must be 80 kg to 300 kg. The tubes in coils and stacks are packed with polyethylene film and placed into wooden boxes on pallets or into corrugated cardboard boxes according to GOST 7376. The packing is carried out either on pallets as per GOST 9557, or without pallets for tubes as the pieces, using blocks with cross section at least 50 x 50 mm, tied up with a wire, having the diameter at least 0.3 x 30 mm, or with the use of package straps.

The general-purpose copper seamless tubes with cold deformed circular cross section are manufactured according to the requirements of Ts 00193950-006.

The mechanical properties of the tubes must comply with the following requirements: 

Tube nominal outside diameter, mm

Delivery form Material state Ultimate strength  σв, MPa (kgf\mm2), no less than

Specific elongation δ5, % no less than

3.0 to 19.0 inclusive

in coils


210 (21)


3.0 to 44.0 inclusive

in pieces


240 (25)


3.0 to 44.0 inclusive

in pieces


280 (29)


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