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Copper wire


Standard: TSh 64-05755737-141

Production cycle:

  • preparation of copper wire\rod coils for the drawing operation;
  • preparation of emulsion;
  • preparation of rollers in the drawing machine;
  • feeding of the drawing machine;
  • placing the receiving spool;
  • drawing the wire;
  • removal of the receiving spool.

Application range:

The wire is meant to make cable and conductor products as well as for other electrical purposes.

Form and packing:

The wire length mass is no less than 40 kg.

The electrical round copper wire is produced according to requirements of the Standard Tsh 64-05755737-141.   

  • 00cu150
  • 01cement150
  • 02cutube150
  • 03emalprovod150
  • 04kadmiy150
  • 05au150
  • 06ag150
  • 07zn150
  • frrewr
  • h2so4150
  • kuporos150
  • selen150-2
  • teknic_tellur
  • vp_ru_uz
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